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analyze your copititor
>mass ping(for keyword push)
>article submission with instant link indexer.
>try to add one comment with focussed keyword in your post
(atleast 50 word with one focus keyword).
>add some tips content on a weekly basis in your post.
>weekly update your content and google will appreciate it.
>social signal (google plus, facebook, twitter, pinterest)
>image(2), VIDEO(1)
>internal linking(5+)(keyword hyperlink)
>way to push interlinking do it with webmaster fetch (crawl and
its direct links.
> u can use hashtags also in google plus.
>use quora to boost traffic
>first ask a ques
>and then anwser it with your focus keyword interlinked.
>never give anwser like your are promoting your website.
>use lines like
i have discover this website which provide the best content


pick the econtent from various website and put it in content spinner
wordai,spinbot,best free spinner
then check it in grammarly
add your word
article submit
then check it url from copyescape

to find relevent article to same keyword use “keyword”
always include your homepage link in article submission.

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