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DMCI is AN ISO 9001: 2015 certified Organization Regd. By Govt. of NCT, Delhi (INDIA). Under registration Act. 1882 Govt. INDIA. DMCI is a member Quality Council of India in Category – Educational University/Professional Institute. DMCI is a renowned Delhi/Ncr based ed-tech company that offers programs to enhance your skills in the tough competitive market. We train people in Digital Marketing, Web Design/Development, Full Stack Development, Graphic Designing and more in DMCI institute.

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We are providing digital marketing training in 3 Courses. One is 3 Months course, Second is 6 Months Course and third is 2 years program.

Advance Digital Marketing 3 Months Program

In this Digital Marketing Program, We are providing 30 Modules.

Corporate Digital Marketing 6 Months Program

In this Digital Marketing Program, We are providing 55 Modules.

Post Graduation in Digital Marketing Program

In this Digital Marketing Program, We are providing 88 Modules.

Why Join Digital Marketing Course?

We have listed Some of the Modules of Digital Marketing Program.

Introduction of Digital Marketing

Website Designing

Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Social Media Marketing

Google Ads

Email Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Linkedin Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Search Ads

Display Ads

Video Ads

Shopping Ads

  • Digital marketing course in Peeragarhi

    What is the best Digital marketing course in Peeragarhi? This is a tough question which requires an appropriate answer. If you are looking to hire a Digital Marketing professional for Digital marketing services in Delhi then there are three important points you need to consider.

    The first step is to look at whether the course is accredited by the institutes in India or International Training Programs. There are many reasons for this. There are companies like OCP (New Product Development), which has its Digital marketing institute in Delhi. It's an institution that promotes international standard of Digital marketing courses. There are other companies like Deloitte, who have their Digital marketing institute in Delhi. They promote best Digital marketing courses for the clients of their firm.

    Another point to consider is whether the course provides the basic knowledge about the various techniques and options available in Digital Marketing. This is the most important part of Digital Marketing. There is no point in having a digital marketing course in Delhi if you do not understand the basic concept about Digital Marketing. In such a situation, it is obvious that the client will never get what value he has paid for.

    A good digital marketing course in Delhi will teach the students the different techniques of Digital Marketing. One very effective technique is to use the 3D animation tools like "SVG", "XHTML" and "Flash". This will help the learner to understand the Digital Marketing concept better. Some of the software like Xcart will help the learner to develop the websites easily and without any technical assistance. The content management system is also used by many companies to manage their websites.

    The second thing that should be covered under the course is Adobe flash application development and Adobe Photoshop. It is observed that even the fresher's of today are not able to understand the difference between Video editing and image editing. This is one of the most important things that should be covered under the online Adobe Photoshop or Video Editing Course in Delhi. Flash animation is another great way of promoting the products and services of a company or a website. People think that Flash is a useless technology, but you will be surprised to know that Flash is one of the best ways of advertising and selling the product. So, if you are planning to launch a new product through flash animation, then you can consult a good flash animation artist from Delhi.

    While selecting an Adobe Photoshop or Video Editing Course in Delhi, the students should first choose a subject that is related to the business. This will help them to have maximum exposure and hence more applications. After selecting a subject for the Online Adobe Photoshop or Video Editing Course in Delhi, students should then choose an internship in a reputed company of their interest. The main advantage of this internship is that they will get a chance to work with famous company executives and get real world experience.

    Another advantage of the internship is that it helps students to network with other students from various Colleges and Universities of Delhi. The Internet is full of networking sites and all colleges and universities offer their own student's websites. These websites provide students with information about the course and internship. The sec-8 computer course in Delhi is another popular course which is beneficial for those who want to start a career as a web designer or a programmer. These courses are offered by Birla Group of Companies (BTDC), which is an educational software and development company of India.

    The Sec-8 computer course in Delhi is a three month course consisting of eight modules. The first four modules consist of four weeks primary training in classroom sessions, classroom exercises and project presentations. The final two months will consist of lectures and labs. The sec-3 computer course in Delhi is a two-month course. The first module consists of eight weeks residential training in classroom sessions, one-week technical training in campus centers, one week of self-study and a final one month of practical training in campus centers.

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