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About DMCI

DMCI is AN ISO 9001: 2015 certified Organization Regd. By Govt. of NCT, Delhi (INDIA). Under registration Act. 1882 Govt. INDIA. DMCI is a member Quality Council of India in Category – Educational University/Professional Institute. DMCI is a renowned Delhi/Ncr based ed-tech company that offers programs to enhance your skills in the tough competitive market. We train people in Digital Marketing, Web Design/Development, Full Stack Development, Graphic Designing and more in DMCI institute.

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We are providing digital marketing training in 3 Courses. One is 3 Months course, Second is 6 Months Course and third is 2 years program.

Advance Digital Marketing 3 Months Program

In this Digital Marketing Program, We are providing 30 Modules.

Corporate Digital Marketing 6 Months Program

In this Digital Marketing Program, We are providing 55 Modules.

Post Graduation in Digital Marketing Program

In this Digital Marketing Program, We are providing 88 Modules.

Why Join Digital Marketing Course?

We have listed Some of the Modules of Digital Marketing Program.

Introduction of Digital Marketing

Website Designing

Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Social Media Marketing

Google Ads

Email Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Linkedin Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Search Ads

Display Ads

Video Ads

Shopping Ads

  • Digital marketing training in Inderlok

    In the world of marketing, there are many methods and techniques that you can avail of to get the ball rolling. One of these techniques is that of taking digital marketing training in Irrespective of what level of Internet marketing professional you are. However, the course offered at Inderlok Institute will surely be of great help to you. The courses offered at this institute are in various categories. If you are looking for best Digital marketing course in Inderlok, then look no further than this school.

    The courses offered at the Irrespective of what category of marketing you are into, the first thing that you will come across is that of webtrackker. This web tracking software is something that is absolutely essential for any digital marketing training program as it helps you to monitor your campaigns in an effective manner. It gives you real-time insights into which of your advertisements are generating good response. This helps you to make the necessary changes in your strategies accordingly.

    Another category of web tracking software is Web Analytics Software which is also offered by this Inderlok Institute. It tracks the websites that link up with your website and provides statistics that help you analyze your business. It also integrates with your web page so that you can know where visitors are coming from, when they came in and where they are going to leave your site. This is definitely one of the best ways to get the pulse of your audience and find out what they want to see on your site. So, if you want to increase your sales and convert more visitors into customers, you should opt for webtrackker for Inderlok web marketing training course.

    If you are a beginner and do not have much idea about how things work in the digital world, then Digital Marketing is definitely not for you. But if you have some basic knowledge about advertising, marketing, promotions and Digital Marketing, then Inderlok can surely benefit you a lot. Digital marketing involves a lot of things like search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) and e-mail marketing etc. You can opt for any of these three options if you have some basic knowledge about them.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is something that helps you to rank high on Google search engine. It is not easy to do so as it requires lots of work on your part. This is the main reason why a lot of people are opting for SEO courses at Inderlok Institute. However, there is no end date for these courses. You can avail one such course or go for another after enjoying the benefits of one.

    Pay per click (PPC) is another good option for those who want to opt for Digital Marketing. There are many institutes that offer this course at various rates. Before you select a course from any institute, make sure to check the fees of the same very well. If you think that the fees offered by the institute are cheap and do not match the benefits of the courses you are opting for, then you should go for some other institute. Again, you should also keep in mind that PPC campaigns are meant for small and medium enterprises only, so if you are not a big company, you should not opt for these courses.

    E-mail marketing is also one of the most common ways of promoting products and services online. The main aim of an e-mail campaign is to target the customers of a particular company and persuade them to buy a product or service. To achieve this, you have to create a list of all your customers and send them periodic promotional emails. Digital marketing experts at the Inderlok institute can guide you through the whole process of writing and designing a good e-mail that will attract your customers. This course has a total duration of eight weeks and after finishing it, you will be completely aware of all the basics of online marketing and how to write a powerful promotional email that will draw customers towards your website.

    Last but not the least, is content writing and video marketing training. Both of these courses are equally important for the success of your online business. A well designed content site will play a vital role in attracting visitors and encouraging them to make purchases on your site. If you cannot afford the expensive fees of a content site designer, you can hire one of the experienced and skillful article writers at Inderlok institute. Once you start using the articles that you have written, you will feel that your site is getting a huge response from the users.

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